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Canada is a country that embraces its diversity and is home to every ethnicity of the world. With so many opportunities for every profession, we make sure you start your journey right.

There are various Ways to Immigrate to Canada.

This is why we suggest you to talk with one of our specialists to learn what is best for you ​

Express entry

Express Entry is used to process the majority of Canadian Immigration applications for skilled and qualified workers who want to come to Canada. Based on your age, level of education, language assessment and work experience, you may be able to apply for Permanent Residency. 

Provincial Nominee

Each of Canada’s 13 provinces and territories operates its own immigration programs, called Provincial Nominee Programs, or PNPs. As the provinces have different populations and economies, their immigration programs are unique and built to fit their economic and demographic needs.

labour market impact assessment

Hiring a foreign worker is not uncommon for small and medium-sized business in Canada, we can help your company in hiring skilled foreign workers smoothly and conveniently. VisaPrime works directly with employers supporting the LMIA applications, LMIA jobs and acting as a representative with ESDC and IRCC.

permanent residency

Get yourself and your family a route to Canadian residency with legit programs. VisaPrime can assist you with all your Permanent Residency needs whether it is entering Canada as a Permanent Resident or applying from within Canada.

work permit

With numerous growth opportunities, competitive compensation and benefit packages, and being part of a talented team, Canada has much to offer individuals from across the globe to come and work. Let VisaPrime help you to obtain a Work Permit.

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family sponsorship

As a Permanent Resident or a Citizen you have the right to sponsor certain family members to live with you indefinitely in Canada. At VisaPrime, we have extensive expertise in supporting with inland and outland sponsorship applications.

study permit

Get your education from a Designated Learning Institution with a Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor, Masters or PHD programs.  At VisaPrime, our Educational Consultant gives the right advice and supports with study permit applications within Canada and for people living abroad. 

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Visitor Visa

Travel Canada or come visit your loved ones, VisaPrime can give you the opportunity to see the breathtaking beauty up close or help you you extend your stay in Canada with the right paperwork.


Being a Canadian citizen has more privileges than a permanent residency holder does. To be eligible for Canadian citizenship, you need to fulfill certain conditions terms. Let VisaPrime guide you with the requirements and application.